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Growing up in a strict family, I remember being limited on the amount of TV I could watch. My parents created a system where each week we were given ten popsicle sticks. Each stick was good for one TV show. Next to the fridge was a container where we placed our spent lumber. Once we ran out, we were encouraged to read a book or work on our weekly chore list (that's another story). Let me tell you, it was hell. If there was a Thundercats marathon on a Monday night, I was left with 6 days in popsicle-stick purgatory. This turned me into quite a TV critic at an early age. If I was only allowed ten shows a week, they had to be worth my time. I was addicted.

My enjoyment for TV continued through high school where I edited videos for the school's news show. In college I studied TV & Film and edited weddings on the side. Today I live in Los Angeles as an up and coming editor in the entertainment industry. I can't tell you how great it is to have a career in something you enjoy so much. I could make a log cabin of popsicle sticks from the amount of TV I watch today.

What I've Worked On

The Taste

The Taste was my first show editing gig for a major network (ABC). Finally, a chance to work on something connected to Anthony Bourdain! Coming from a food editing background, I was able to apply my previous experience and help the show get through it’s demanding schedule. You’d think after so many food shows, I’d stop getting hungry. It hasn’t stopped. I sit there and stare at really good food. Also, I think the mentors on the show started rubbing off on me. I might be becoming a slight food snob.

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